ANDREA WAN Hong Kong, German, b. 1985

Born in Hong Kong in 1985, Andrea Wan is an illustrator and visual artist who works primarily on ink on paper. After graduating in Film, Video and Integrated Media from the Emily Carr University of Art Design, she moved to Denmark and continued her education in Design and Illustration. In 2012, Andrea Wan settled in Berlin, Germany, where she currently lives and works.


Being exposed to a multitude of cultures while growing up, Andrea Wan’s identity has strongly been influenced by the concept of constant change, a theme that prevails in her art. Her art is characterised by a juxtaposition of traditional narrative aesthetics and surrealist elements, conveying an other-worldly feeling to her subjects. Each illustration is the result of one unique sketch which she directly draws on the final paper, and inks when final. Relying simply on her intuition, the selection of colours employed are thought and changed during the process. The result is always that of an impressively executed artwork, demonstrating a high level of accuracy and an articulated visual language developed thanks to her well-trained eye for colour combination.


Andrea Wan took part in several outdoor projects, creating murals in Canada, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and Finland, and gaining a place on the International Urban Art Scene. Her work has been extensively exhibited in New York, as well as in Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and Brussels – and featured in The New York Times, Apple Magazine, Wired Magazine, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Urban Outfitters.