AHOY Australia / Hong Kong

Angela Ho was born in Melbroune, Australia, and has resided in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong since 2008. Under the pseudonym ‘Ahoy’, the artist works as designer, illustrator and street artist. 


Her works are characterized by a very vivid imagery with fluorescent colours, which gives her characters an advertising style, at times both psychedelic and retro. Through her art, Ahoy actively explores how new technologies can be applied to art, with particular interest in the use of augmented reality and animation. Despite the artist's fascination with digital tools, Ahoy's works are created using traditional techniques and mediums  such as stencils and sprays, typically used in Street Art.


As a matter of fact, Ahoy is strongly inspired by the different street art visual codes, which she reinterpret in a surreal key. The artist also draws great inspiration from music, vintage toys, and Asian hyper-pop visual language. She is exhibits for the first time in Europe with Dorothy Circus Gallery in 2020.