JADE RIVERA Peru, b. 1983

Jade Rivera aka JADE is Peruvian street artist whose work, from miniature pieces to large murals, is striking through the sincere way the artist depicts the realities surrounding him, the problems people face in Peru and the deep connection that they have with their own culture.


Jade Rivera was born in Junin, Peru in 1983. When he was just seven months old, he and his mother moved to Lima. Rivera grew up in the district of Chorrillos, attended a national school, where his curiosity was aroused by art. His interest in art was growing day by day and motivated him to devote more time to drawing and painting. At seventeen he attended the Pre National School of Fine Arts and since then his work is evolving. Jade has directed his work as a self-taught artist since 1997 and currently operates as a graphic artist which keeps him in a constant process of creation.


To date, Rivera insists on using painting as a reflection of what his perception absorbs daily and is reunited with its Andean roots for the development of its graphic style. Jade lives and works in Lima, Peru.