Born in 1969, in Philadelphia, Adam Wallacavage is a sculpture artist. He attended the University of the Arts in Philadeplphia and received a BFA in Photography  Soon after, he was absorbed by the art of ornamental plastering and started to make the weirdest octopus shaped chandeliers de ning his style.
At the base of his magnificent pieces, there is a deep scientific research on the most mysterious species of the ocean, which the artist is able to transpose in his multifaceted artworks.

He then creates an indescribable mix of fantasy and marine mythology and models it through the most complex and fascinating sculpture treatment. e artist casts the forms using traditional ornamental plastering techniques, and then paints them with pigmented epoxy resin, iridescent powders, and glitter.
Having always been fascinated by the sea world, adventurous stories, gaudy church ornamentations, and interior design, Wallacavage decided to bring his bizarre passions to life, making them a concrete part of our reality.
e artist’s surreal imagination stands particularly out for its fusing with the vintage motifs of Art Nouveau that gives birth to the most extravagant masterpieces.