ATSUKO GOTO Japan, b. 1982

Atsuko Goto was born in Tokyo in 1982 and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2007. Similarly to the art of Takashi Murakami and Yoshimoto Nara, Goto takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese visual cultural and traditional techniques, to create a unique and strongly emotional and evocative style. 


The key themes of Goto’s art are introspection and feelings. Her works appear as ethereal, dreamlike and fragile images, recreating the pale visions of the artist’s mind through delicate and extremely accurate brushstrokes. Goto’s paintings, made in lapis lazuli and watercolours on cotton, create an intricate silver web, giving life to unexpected whispers in the penumbra of our subconscious. Goto's dreamy canvases reveal the strong bond between woman and nature, death and regeneration. The artist, who has strongly affirmed herself in the contemporary art market over the years, has exhibited internationally since 2005 and has continues to count on an increasing number of fans and collectors. Goto has exhibited with Dorothy Circus Gallery since 2008.