NATALIE SHAU Lithuania, b. 1984

Natalie Shau, born in Lithuania in 1984, is one of the most extravagant figures in the hi-tech figurative avant-garde art world. She works with illustration, graphics and photography becoming the queen of the digital dimension.


Photography is a first step in the production of the artist’s works. Then she uses features from her self-portraits and mixes them with the model of women portrayed to create a tangible link between her pure self and the product of her mind. This is why Shau’s doll-like, motionless girls in their sugared, foggy world are actually a reflection of the ego, the inner conflicts and complexities of each one of us, and the artist herself.


Contradictory elements from fairytales and ancient stories surround the posing figure, frozen in seductive postures. They are rulers, proud to show their gothic dimension, the reflection of a distorted memory they have the power to crystallise and dominate.