BOBBY LEASH Thailand, b. 1989

Born in 1989, Bobby Leash is a contemporary Thai artist currently based in Bangkok. Growing up during a time with limited access to artistic training, Leash taught himself to paint thus establishing an individual style which he has continued to develop throughout his career. Working within the realms of contemporary Pop Surrealism, Leashs paintings are characterised by imagery influenced by Japanese manga, anime and video games from the ’90s and the early ‘00s, echoing his childhood experiences.


Through the exploration of expression and action in his characters, Leashs paintings pertain a unique mood and tone, encompassed by a narrative of the struggle of humanity in modern day society. Initially working digitally, Leashs bold and dynamic works have more recently taken the form of oil and acrylic paintings, though they still retain a strong emotionally charged visual language.


Leashs works have been widely celebrated and exhibited by international galleries as well as featured in prestigious magazines like BOOOOOOOM, Juxtapoz, WOWXWOW and Tart/Talks. His solo-show Mirrored Souls represents his first collaboration with Dorothy Circus Gallery and his first European exhibition.