SERGIO MORA Spain, b. 1975

Born in 1975 and based in Barcelona, Sergio Mora, aka MAGICOMORA, is a painter, illustrator, and draftsman belonging to the generation of artists from the early twenty-first century who expanded their pictorial activity beyond the borders of the canvas. 
The Artist takes a playful and hyper creative approach in communicating his surreal world through lots of collaborations with notorious brands like GUCCI, design hotels and restaurants creating picturesque site specific designs with his one of a kind murals, tiles, and fabrics. The inspiration behind Sergio Mora’s art can be traced back to Childhood, games featuring toys and monsters, the iconography spread out from TV’s, rock & pop  music and movies, science fiction. All of these twisted by the Artist’s magical approach and resulting in the concept  “art as something magical”. 
In the colorful and dynamic scenarios painted by Mora the recurring themes are Joy and Hope that the artist’s aim is to convey through contemplation of a “beyond space” as an emotional land. The Artist's way of confronting his reality becomes as much as a rocambolesque and bizarre composition meant to cure prejudices, avoid conventions and offer the viewer a unique experience full of happiness. 
“A visual dose of Sergio Mora has as beneficial effects as the greatest concentrate based on dreams and desire pulp that we are capable of imagining”. (Julio Hontana)