QIMMYSHIMMY Singapore / Netherlands

Qixuan Lim, known as Qimmyshimmy, is a Singaporean sculptor and artist currently based in the Netherlands, and graduated from he School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University in 2014.


Qimmyshimmy is establishing herself as one of the most popular artists of the contemporary Asian art scene.  Lim draws inspiration from the “creepy-cute” aesthetic, a style that aims to find beauty in what is not conventionally pleasing, therefore challenging our perception of beauty standards in today’s society. Her tiny sculptures in polymer clay depicting infants and and organs, are dedicated to the controversial themes of consumerism and meat trade. Her works manage to somehow maintain an adorable imagery which is coherent to her social claim. 


She has been exhibiting her art all over the world since 2016, since she achieved a great popularity on social media especially among young collectors. She exhibits for the first time at Dorothy Circus Gallery.