NIKKI USA, b. 1996

Nikki is a rising artist born in NY in 1996. The inspiration behind her works stems from her personal emotions influenced by her childhood memories and a strong influence of Japanese contemporary pop masters iconography. 


In her art, the influence of Yoshitomo Nara is traceable but with a twist that reflects the artist's strong message of positiveness and happiness.


Nikki's artworks aim to capture the happy experiences of her life spent between America and Germany. In a mix of eccentric colours and vibrant, distinctive dotted patterns, the subjects of Nikki's paintings spread Joy for life, rendered uniquely by the experimental use of colours and shapes and enhanced by using her secret pigment. As a result, her compositions are undoubtedly comforting and fascinating and are responsible for having ensured Nikki a sparkling debut on the international market in which the demand for Nikki's art is growing every day.