AGENDA: The Angel Year

April 23, 2022
Title for Agenda, Upcoming exhibitions at Dorothy Circus Gallery in 2022, The year of the Angel

Taking inspiration from the symbolism related to the number 22, the theme we associated for the Exhibition program 2022 aims to bring on stage the figure of the Angel: a symbol for inspiration and a portrayal of a light-keeper messenger strongly present in every culture.


The number 22 refers to the Angel known with different names in different culture such as Devas (Buddhism), Nature Spirits (Animism), Light Beings (Guardian Angels, Christianism), Ancestors (Shinto) but always know to be prosperous for healing and protection. 


Considering the moment in history we are currently living through it is necessary that each one of us has the interior strength to take care of itself, the people surrounding them and feel safe. The presence of the Angel is the symbols guide that accompanies us in the exploration of our subconscious, guided us in the search for the necessary energy to fight the difficult year we have had. We have in fact found the light within us and this has been possible because each one of us isn’t one individual but rather an individual part of everything and bringer of light. 

Across art we can comprehend the profound connection we have with different soul. Art is capable of opening our eyes to the invisible sceneries in life, to our emotions and to the extraordinarily of the human mind. 


The Exhibition Program of 2022 was in fact thought of as the Messenger of Light, an instrument both visual and artistic which can inspiration for strength and determination. 


The artworks of the artists presented this year will take inspiration as much from real experiences as from those of the imaginary to undertake a journey together again and reveal the magical symbolism of family ties with the Reprise of Mother and Child entitled MILK. The exhibition will now present an even more broad spectrum thematic inclusive of paternity, maternity and adoption.

MILK is linked to the path started in 2019 and aims to deepen and reveal the magical symbolism of family ties by revisiting one of the most popular themes in art history with a contemporary approach.


In Milk we will be presenting the the themed works of: Fatima Ronquillo, Silvia Idili, Alex Face, Kazuhiro Hori, Dulk, Okuda, Andrea Kowch, Rafael Silveira, Flávia Itiberê, Jade Rivera, Hanna Lee Joshi, Saner, Giulio Secondo, Jesus Aguado, Aron Wiesenfeld, Francesco LoCastro, Clémentine Bail, Ella et Pitr, Arturo Garcia, Blic, Sam Rodriguez, Nikki, Afarin Sajedi, Paolo Pedroni, Millo, El Gato Chimney, Andrea Wan, Tokuhiro Kawai, Miss Van, Cheng Cheng Yi, Koh Kisung.


Continuing with the spiritual symbolism, which takes us to the top of the sacred mountains of the Japanese Maruyama Junna and Yosuke Ueno where our gaze opens onto surreal landscapes and characters.


The exhibition path will take us on an adventure in the company of an urban Ulysses, through the street art works of the Frenchman Charles Levalet to embark back to Asia, taking us high above the clouds and back to earth with the works of Tada Koichiro, Chishi Morimura and Kazuki Takamatsu, accompanied by the wonderful creatures of Clementine de Chabaneix and Emi Katsuta.


The summer light will illuminate the vaguely noir atmospheres that characterise the introspective scenarios of Silvia Idili and Luke Chueh, and then leave the scene to the undisputed icon of international Pop Street Art Ron English who returns with a second solo show at DCG this time in the London office .


The year will end with the first solo show of Jana Brike, star of contemporary magical realism, whose works as irresistible and delicious as cherries will pervade us with free and dreamy femininity.


The mission of the 2022 program ends with the wish that each of you reconnect with your guiding spirit, and that the works presented in our exhibitions can always keep the light that illuminates each new journey alight within you.





3 - 8 MAY 2022


Dorothy Circus Gallery at Mango Art Fair with Joyman Gallery
A juicy mix of flavours and emotions from the contemporary art scene

Through this mix of cultural influences and artistic references that come from very different artists' backgrounds, the selection of artists reflects the gallery's research on the matching symbolism in contemporary art. All the artists are linked in the themes by a fil rouge of positive energy and love the recurring vibe of each artwork selected for this show presentation at the Mango Art Festival. The key element is the impeccable painting technique and the emotional impact of the surreal approach, which is able to embrace the viewers and overwhelm us in a vortex of emotions.



Emi Katsuta, Kazuki Takamatsu, Chishi Morimura




13 - 14 MAY 2022


This Spring exhibition program at Dorothy Circus opens with the new series by three Japanese artists, home to DCG: Kazuki Takamatsu, Chishi Morimura and Emi Katsuta. Opening Saturday 14th of May at our premises in Connaught Village, the triple focus show will trace the passage from canvas to sculpture. The show will gather the suggestions and the analogy of these three artists who have in common the spiritual bond between nature and humans and whose artistic production is based between tradition and new technologies. The result is a still image of the evolution of a contemporary code that faith remains in art and the Japanese culture. Thanks to his technique of depth mapping, extraordinary in rendering shadows and lights, Kazuki Takamatsu, across a sublime composition of forms, enhances our perception for every declination of color, transporting the viewer to another dimension: suspended between a dream and a tangible unreality. For his new series, the artist presents the Red Series experimented with new pigments, which retrace the themes most dear to his poetic of introspection, memory and resilience. Profoundly inspired by traditional sculpture with Japanese wood, the artworks by Chishi Morimura are intertwined with nature, originated from a marriage of inspiration and spirituality. The wood on which the artist paints is the spokesman of a tale where Chishi completes the language with her delicate figure painted with shell powder, gauze and natural color. The figure takes shape and becomes a sculpture in Emi Katsuta’s works which, similarly to a girl who experiments with poses and adventures with her dolls, integrates sculpture with wood drawing on a bizarre makeup of acrylic colors. Resin and sometimes fabrics and Japanese wools give the sense of blissful neglect and profound carefreeness present in our childhood memories.






9 JUNE 2022


Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present a co-curated event at "Art Glorieux Gallery of Tokyo, inaugurating on the 9th of June 2022 entitled "Silk Road ~ The Roots - Our Culture". On this occasion, Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition featuring nine European and five Asian artists (Alessia Iannetti, Arturo Garcia De Las Heras, Levalet, Clementine De Chabaneix, Fatima Ronquillo, MILLO, Paolo Pedroni, Silvia Idili, Sana Yoshida, Takahiro Hirabayashi, Amahi Mori, Miho Hirano and Junna Maruyama). Inspired by the historical Silk Road, the group exhibition intends to retrace the path dating back to the Roman Empire as the peak for cultural exchange. Interestingly, we metaphorically walk through this path across art and mutual research each day. Thus, the symbol of the Silk Road becomes the path for celebration for friendship and mutual empowerment in the art and culture market. The presentation for this co-curated exhibition is an important opportunity for DCG to underline the profound esteem and admiration for Asian society and emphasise the closeness between our values once again. Furthermore, the exhibition aims to bring an intense dialogue between the representatives of the contemporary Asian movement and the European approach of the artist presented.





23 JUNE 2022


Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present a group exhibition of four artists, already home to DCG, such as Silvia Idili, Tada Koiichiro, Luke Chueh, and sculptress Clementine De Chabaneix. They will present a brand new series in both venues, in Rome and London.


Opening this new exhibition path will be the soft oil on canvas technique by Tada Koiichiro, whose monochromatic portraits in the foreground look straight ahead. The exciting detail of Koiichiro's delicate figures resides in the eyes of his characters, which, similar to water reflections, appear as open windows on the inner worlds revealing secrets and fears.


The candid ceramic sculptures by Clementine de Chabaneix, in an animist tale, explore our imagination by touching the strings of the purest feelings with delicate chromatic combinations. Surprise and contrast are the keys to interpreting the bizarre situations represented by Luke Chueh and the stories painted, always balancing the dose of irony and desperation, walking on the thin edge between comedy and tragedy.


It is then the paintings of Silvia Idili and the geometries that dress and mask the faces in search of harmony of shapes and compositions that symbolize our past and the memories we keep of it in our visionary mind. In a mix of suggestions and spiritual, emotional and psychological tension, Idili's portraits write the diary of the contemporary man who gets lost in the complexity of reality and finds himself in the transcendent.

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