ABOVE AND BEYOND KAWAII: Dorothy Circus Rome and London | Group Show

19 Nov - 17 Dec 2022

The exploration of the Cute code continues with Above & Beyond Kawaii, a group show for which we have selected many new artists, characterised by a multitude of original and captivating techniques. To connect them all is the theme of Japanese Kawai reinterpreted in hyper-contemporary fashion, nowadays definable as Kawai Pop.

Amongst the names are some of the most desirable and highly demanded emerging artists representing the Asian avant-garde movement, such as Zhu Chen Wei, characterised by a seamless and innovative pictorial technique, Rene Cuvos, an inspiring Philippine pop-surrealist artist whose work displays an exquisite oil technique, the young Japanese Ayame and Mami Ando, both characterised by a soft technique and liberal, impressionist-inspired depiction. Leegan Koo will also be returning to the scene, with two new canvases displaying his unique cinematographic style and Aya Kakeda with a brand new ceramic sculpture, the time in a large format. The newest discoveries that will be joining the group show are the Chinese, London-based artist Yunny and the Italian Maddalena Fanfani.

With this enthusiastic exhibition programme, Dorothy Circus Gallery wishes to entertain and accompany you through the coldest months of the year, bringing a vortex of colour and joy to your homes, and introducing to you the artists that move us and make us proud through their passion.