Born in Neuilly sur Seine in 1972, daughter of a sculptor, Clementine continues the tradition of her family with a very personal style and technique.


Clementine fuses her acting, drawing, painting and engraving skills (Pradier method) to create an obscure, poetic and sometimes melancholy ambience in her artworks. She works in an imaginary and fantastic world, exploring a very rich universe with child-like onlook.


Clementine’s sculptures lead us on a ride into a world habituated by characters of our adolescent imagination. As the artist says: “My stories are sculptures. Universal or intimate, heartbreaking and poetic stories. The raw material is an emotion, a gesture, a memory which I try to translate in three dimensions. I am inspired by myths, dreams, ancient and modern stories. I attempt to find a dreamy and poetic way of writing to represent my characters, so that I can draw the boundaries of a strange, eccentric and metaphoric world.”


Clementine lives and works in Paris and her artworks are exhibited in many national and international galleries.