CHISHI MORIMURA Japan, b. 1988

Born in Tokyo in 1988, Japanese artist Chishi Morimura earned her BFA from Joshibi College of Art and Design in 2009.


Morimura’s art is extremely recognizable for her peculiar paintings on driftwood, which she employs as canvases for her artistic compositions along with the use of claims shell powder, cheesecloth and acrylic. Getting inspired by traditional Japanese wood sculpting and the theme of the bond between men and nature, also rooted in Japanese culture, Morimura gives life to shapes and images connected to femininity, whose candid and virtuous teenage characters – clearly Anime-inspired – move through fantastical worlds and carry us in their dynamic adventures.


Morimura’s painting style is soft and evocative and the trompe l’oeil of her artworks seems to own the magical key to open the doors to imagination on our bedroom walls. Her works, desired by many collectors, were featured in several galleries in Los Angeles and numerous fairs in Asia and Europe with DCG.