Flávia Itiberê born in Curitiba Brazil, is a textile artist, wife of the painter Rafael Silveira.


As wife of the painter Rafael Silveira, Flavia's early fashion life coexisted intensely with  the art world, specially the creative process involved in create artworks and exhibitions. Year after year  increasingly affected by her thoughts about the disposable aspect of the fashion industry she become inspired to move on the opposite direction, from the perishable to the permanent and started to create pieces of art in collaboration with Silveira. 

From small intricate hand made embroideryes to large textile installations, her artworks took place at major institutions in Brazil like the Oscar Niemeyer Museum and are part of important art collections in America, Europe and Asia. With four hands, they transform embroidery into paintings and installations that place the female figure as the center of their narratives. Each work has its own story and meaning.


Flavia Itibere's art converses with the spectator in the oneiric field, in the intimacy of thoughts, in the deepest origin of mental choices that precede external attitudes. The artist’s idea of ​​joining forces with her husband took years but Flavia’s this decision of putting the threads and needles into practice, is strong and determined despite the grain of the immediacy that dictates the rules of the contemporary world.