FUCO UEDA Japan, b. 1979

Fuco Ueda was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1979 and graduated from the Tokyo Polytechnic University of Arts Graduate School in 2003. Her warm-toned and surrealist paintings come to life thanks to the use of acrylics and powdered mineral pigments on paper, cloth, and wood, which give her artworks a sophisticated delicate touch and delicacy with references to her Japanese traditions. 


Ueda’s art is indeed inspired by Ukyio prints as well as by the the work of the Japanese female artists and writers who have revolutionised the manga scene targeted to the young girls in the 1970’s. Her paintings depict fantastic springs pervaded by the vibrant colours of flora and fauna, where Ueda’s girls are portrayed in symbolic poses, in a moment where time is suspended, the dawn is endless, and the space loses its consistency.


Since 2003, Ueda has exhibited her work internationally in prestigious galleries in Asia, America and Europe. Her work has been published by renowned art magazines and she has been exhibiting with Dorothy Circus since 2016.