ZIQIAN LIU Chinese, b. 1990

Born in China in 1990, Ziqian Liu is an independent photographer based in Shanghai.


Her artistic practice is focused on the art of self-portrait aimed at perfecting the  introspective research and dialogue with one's own subconscious.

In each of her works, the artist invites the view to browse the pages of her visual journal. Liu’s photographs are always pervaded by a sense of quietness and the elaborated and playful perspectives are a distinctive feature of the artist’s introspective compositions. A refined harmony emerges from her works, in a constant search for a balance between man power and that of nature.


Ziqian Liu is an emerging artist who has exhibited at the Exhibition of Photography in Reality and Instagram Continuum in Hong Kong, which took place in March and April 2019, and at the International Photo Expo in Paris in May 2019. She exhibits for the first time in Europe with Dorothy Circus Gallery in 2020