RYOKO KANETA Japan, b. 1991

Ryoko Kaneta was born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan in 1991 and graduated from Yokohama University of Art and Design in 2014. 
Kaneta takes inspiration from Ancient Japanese Philosophy, including ideologies such as God being one that dwells in all beings. Her artworks express the existence of Gods, Natural Phenomenons, and knowledge that goes beyond the human mind. The narrative exists but only as a fleeting spectacle of Nature which within holds the quintessential elements that Kaneta personifies through a female figure. Her paintings are dreamy populated landscapes on a large scale, they are a celebration of natures ephemerality as they emphasize the frailty of time, the phenomenon of weather and all the dramatic seasonal transformations that come with it. Employing her very own soft delicate acrylic colour technique, Kaneta is at the same time influenced by Rinpa and Kano Schools in their approach of painting through the eye of Ancient Japanese literature that portrays such scenes of nature.