KANA TSUMURA Japan, b. 1998

Kana Tsumura was born in 1998 in Hiroshima, Japan, and graduated from the prestigious Musashino Art University, specializing in Oil Painting. Kana Tsumura's mastery in painting quickly garnered significant public acclaim, earning numerous excellence awards and impressing collectors and art critics with her unique interpretation of "Still Life." Kana Tsumura's works convey "Momentous memories.” through her ability to meticulously and evocatively describe intimate experiences. Close-ups rich in magic and mystery intertwine with hands reaching for delicious fruits, flowers scattered on the table like precious fragments of life.

Kana places her work in a balance between feminine interior scenes and the history of Still Life, carving out a unique and unparalleled space for herself. The narrative becomes intentional, a snapshot of a dynamic scene on a blue background revealing traces of food between the light and shadow of candles. In a synesthetic marvel, we taste the wine, smell the food, and hear our footsteps as we cross the threshold into a world that transitions from silence to a whisper while our gaze remains captivated and overwhelmed by the mystery of this young artist's imagination.