YOSUKE UENO Japan, b. 1977

Born in Japan in 1977, Yosuke Ueno is an internationally renowned self-taught artist. His art is capable of taking the viewer on a magical ride, deep in the worlds that blends be-tween real and surreal, full of symbols of the Eastern philosophical tradition and icons of contemporary media culture, both Japanese and Western.


Ueno's large canvases are sprinkled with quotes and references to art history that intertwine with the modern per-ception of the fantastic. Each element of his compositions is actually a symbol that carries a message full of positivity and cosmic vitality. Ueno’s work has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious contemporary art institutions in Asia, such as the Shimoni-Seki Mu-seum and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo and in international art galleries. He has exhibited with Dorothy Circus Gallery since 2009.