SCOPE NY: 2016 : International Art Fair in New York | Group Show

3 - 6 Mar 2016
Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to carry on its project of spreading its “art circus” worldwide, landing this time in New York City. In March 2016, five outstanding artists represented by Dorothy Circus Gallery will be featured in one of the most renowned and prestigious contemporary art fair of the US: Scope New York 2016. The main show will feature extraordinary brand new artworks by Afarin Sajedi, Joe Sorren, and Alessia Iannetti. Together with these, Dorothy Circus Gallery will bring on display the magnetic artworks by the gallery artists Erik Jones and Chie Yoshii.
For this occasion, the gallery embarks on a metaphorical journey that crosses the natural dimension, investigating the relationships people establish with themselves, with the others and with the world. Inspired by the theme of the reunification with nature, the new body of works will encourage its viewers to pause and meditate; the characters are now depicted as part of new dimension that is dominated by natural elements, such as water and earth.
This figurative reconciliation with the most intimate part of one’s own mind dwells upon the brand new series “Illusion” by the Iranian artist Afarin Sajedi. Each component that covers and surrounds the portrayed women surfaces from an apparently calm sea of thoughts, causing the viewers to interact. These key elements, together with the visual power of the central figures, transcend every mental barrier and come out to tell these women’s personal stories. The gazes, the crown-like objects, as well as the interchange of open eyes and closed eyes, contribute to the creation of an evocative atmosphere, embedded into a comfortable and deep silence.
Right here, it is possible to see and feel the encounter between the essential complexities of Afarin Sajedi’s works and the recognizable fabled mysticism of Joe Sorren. DCG will proudly exhibit two brand new oil paintings of his, whose matrix is the same of the masterpiece “Coney Island Supper Club” and filled by strong emotions. Through the theme of water and sea, Sorren’s poetry seizes our attention and drags ourselves into a primordial world that brings us closer to the peaceful quietness of a mother’s womb. In the three paintings exhibited, “Coney Island supper Club”, “La Doccia” and “One Fine Afternoon on a Tiny, yet Avuncular Island”, Joe Sorren infuses into the viewer a feeling of newfound peace.
The same happens in the artworks by the Italian artist Alessia Iannetti, who hypnotizes and catapults us into a nocturnal world with her recognizable graphite on paper technique. Her subjects are single things with nature, of which they feed and adorn their bodies. The predominant element, earth, metaphorically links life and death, manifesting how human fragility is rooted in people’s fear of leaving their certainties. In “The Fallen Tree”, the young girl, while transforming her body in to a tree, expresses all her beauty and power by anchoring to the ground and dominating life, symbolized by the roots, with immense courage.
Each of these artists owns a very personal and original imaginary that, although affirming itself in each artwork produced, is able to co-exist among the others in a highly harmonious and fascinating way. Their backgrounds, their techniques, and their nationality create a heterogeneous mix that strikes the beholders at the very first glance. The strength of this cohesion is born from the union of the dreamlike atmosphere of Sorren’s paintings, the impressive technique developed by Iannetti in her pictures, and the deep emotional nuances harbouring in Afarin Sajedi’s canvases.