ART MONACO : International Art Fair in Monoco | Group Show

9 - 12 Jul 2015
Since its participation to SCOPE Miami Art Fair, in 2014, Dorothy Circus Gallery has been engaging in bringing out its “art circus” worldwide. The second step of this series of events will be its participation to Art Monaco 2015, a highly renowned and prestigious contemporary art fair of the French Riviera, in the Principality of Monaco.
The gallery will bring on stage a heterogeneous group of outstanding artists: Chie Yoshii, Jonathan Viner, Joe Sorren, Ray Caesar, Zoe Byland, Afarin Sajedi and Eduardo Kobra.
For this occasion, several stunning brand new paintings by the new entry Chie Yoshii will be exhibited. By exploring the fascinating world of mythology in her painting series, depicting exquisite women in romantic scenes, and bursting with rich, bright colors, Chie Yoshii’s art, inspired by famous 20th century psychologist Carl Jung, moves beyond the mythical beauty and grace to explore the human psyche. The Japanese artist strikes especially for the incredible mix of oriental roots and European style co-existing in all of her works. On the one hand, the brushstrokes and colors of her panels remind of traditional Flemish paintings, in which the details, the quality of shadings, and the softness of each character’s complexion reach the highest levels. On the other hand, the subtle symbolism inserted in the depiction of each natural element echoes the influence of Japan on her attitude towards life and art.
Not only Yoshii, but also Afarin Sajedi will bring on stage a sensational brand new work, entitled “Vision.” This work represents her ultimate masterpiece from the series “Unseen,” exhibited in her solo show in Teheran. With this canvas, Sajedi confirms again her amazing talent and sensibility in portraying one of her typical characters. In “Vision,” the Iranian artist depicts again a woman; the central figure, coming out of Sajedi’s characteristic dark background, now seems to emerge from the sea of quietness that used to define her previous series. This woman, by looking through a red lens, now experiments bizarre veils used as hats, newfound visions and interpretations of reality, by underlining the female ability to contemplate, simultaneously, multiple ways of thinking. Through her soft but resolute pose, she turns into a kind of soldier who, even if severe, still knows how to look through different perspectives. The protagonist shows an enigmatic face that, while bringing on a strong and innovative message, crosses ethnic, cultural and religious borders to represent a universal metaphor of women’s complex personalities.
Together with these new works, Dorothy Circus Gallery will display exquisite pieces by the represented artists Jonathan Viner, Joe Sorren, Ray Caesar, Zoe Byland, and Eduardo Kobra, who, as always, impress the public for their stunning techniques, themes, and styles, which constitute the highest peaks of figurative contemporary art.