ANITA KUNZ: The Bestiary : Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

15 Feb - 6 Apr 2014
Anita Kunz has been widely published for over three decades on an international platform. Kunz’s paintings have been concerned with political systems, social justice and the human relationship to nature.
Her newest body of work concerns the animal kingdom and and how we relate to and live within it.
“The Bestiary” is a special exhibition showcasing a comprehensive exploration of beasts both found in rural and city locations and those fantastical mythical creatures that are only discovered in the land created by Kunz.
She believes that, since we share an enormous amount of genetic material with other creatures, by comparing and contrasting we can begin to understand our very nature.
Anita is highly collected in many institutions; these include the permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome; Norman Rockwell Museum and several art fairs across the UK and more. She has received the Order of Canada, her country’s highest civilian honour and was the first Canadian and the first woman to have a show of her work at the Library of Congress in Washington.
She has also recently received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal of Honour.