HENNESSY: Os Gemeos: Dorothy Circus Rome | Special Event

21 - 22 Mar 2014
 Os Gemeos artists draw inspiration for their multifaceted, colorful work from their hometown. The two brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, identical twins, began their career as graffiti artists in the 80s, in the streets of São Paulo. Today they present a large collection of contemporary work ranging from murals, frescoes, paintings, and sculptures to mixed media installations that also incorporate music and dance. Os Gemeos grew up in the Brazilian breakdance scene of the 80s and then found themselves immersed in the hip-hop and DJ culture of the 90s during their teenage years: music has had an important impact on their work ever since the two brothers embarked on this creative journey. 
The origins of Os Gemeos are deeply rooted in the city of São Paulo, which they describe as full of contrasts, this is where they still live and work today. This city, the twins say, shaped them into the artists they are today. “We grew up playing in the streets and learned a lot from those days. You are playing football in the street, and you see someone making graffiti, another person breakdancing and someone else making wooden toys. In context, we had to improvise,” Os Gemeos explain. And so, they did. “So, we started creating our world and painting to escape the city and its daily stress. You never know what will happen next. We had to learn to live in this environment.” The eternal optimism accompanied by realistic, playful, and colourful notes that characterizes the work of Os Gemeos mirrors the heterogeneous urban environment in which they grew up.
The bond between the twins, of rare intensity, is perhaps the most important element that nourishes and enriches their existence as artists. Os Gemeos shared ideas and experiences that helped bring them closer together. This creative union combines the strength of two talents into one result: their work of art. 
Os Gemeos define their artistic evolution as a work in progress, a continuous experiment, with a myriad of unexplored means and sources of inspiration - not yet exploited. “You have to find a window, open it, then find another one and open that too. For us, life is this, continuously opening new windows.” These windows also represent a reference to the ethereal space into which the twins project their world of visions. “We live in our dream world twenty-four hours a day and through our creations we express what we discover there,” they explain.
Os Gemeos have had important exhibitions all over the world since 1999 and the first major exclusive exhibition took place in the United States at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston in 2012. 
The partnership between Os Gemeos and Hennessy was written in the stars. Leonard McGurr, also known as Futura, partner for Hennessy's previous Very Special Limited Edition, was the first to recommend the collaboration between these contemporary Brazilian artists and the cognac house. He certainly had the intuition that there would have been a natural harmony in relation to their values ​​and the shared passion for craftsmanship.
Also, from the perspective of colour, the nuances of the brandy that blend to give life to the cognac and the shades of yellow, red, and brown found in the works of Os Gemeos, can represent two sides of the same coin.
Another shared trait is the passion and energy infused into each creation: the intense pace of creative exploration of Os Gemeos corresponds to Hennessy's search for the perfect blend. In relation to their work, the twins are incessantly dedicated to exploring the new, going beyond any custom and tackling new artistic enterprises through numerous avenues.
Devotion to craftsmanship and an awareness of one's origins are also cornerstones of the work of Hennessy and Os Gemeos: these artists would not be who they are today without their roots in the city of São Paulo, just as Hennessy would not be the Maison that has become without its own tradition rooted in the city of Cognac, France.
“We love to experiment. This project represents a new medium for us because we can transform tradition into something contemporary and full of colour” Os Gemeos explain. The inspiration for the label, which the twins describe as a “happy and colourful scene where everything is connected,” came after learning about the history of Hennessy and the importance of the art of blending to the House.
Os Gemeos have identified the similarities by spending a period in Cognac, to explore the world of Maison. “In Hennessy,” they explained, “everything is passion and time passes.”
Os Gemeos underline how, although they have a personal vision of their creation for Hennessy Very Special, it is up to each person who observes the label to interpret it, based on their sensitivity. “It is more interesting that everyone interprets the label in his own way, rather than us explaining it; it is a process that unleashes the imagination” say the artists.
Hennessy Very Special embodies the peculiar characteristics of the Hennessy brand and is a clear reference to the art of mixing for one's own unique style. Hennessy Very Special is the modern incarnation of Hennessy's Three Star, the most popular Cognac in the world. Combining a generous and full-bodied aroma, Hennessy Very Special resists the passage of time and seduces experts looking for a truly special moment.
The power of blending
On the nose, Hennessy Very Special combines an intense and fruity character with pleasant oak notes. On the palate, strong aromas that evoke toasted almonds, with fresh and lively notes of grapes.
Essentially Hennessy
Challenging to create, but immediately rewarding to taste, Hennessy Very Special consolidates its inimitable style over time. Perfect representation of Hennessy know-how, the bold personality of Very Special is the result of a careful selection of the most exclusive brandy.
After several years of maturation in French oak barrels, the eaux-de-vie are blended with the exclusive skill and expertise of the Maison Hennessy.
A unique moment
Hennessy Very Special lends itself to the search for an exclusive tasting moment. To be savored pure, with ice or in cocktails.