MIJN SCHATJE: Mystic Lolitas: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

16 Apr - 30 May 2010
Dorothy Circus Gallery re-interprets the concept of “Lolita” through the sophisticated works of the French digital artist Marie Blanco Hendrickx, aka Mijn Schatje, in her solo show “Mystic Lolitas”.
The traditional idea of lolita, sexy and teasing, is re-designed according to an aesthetic and philosophical ideal. Mijn Schatje turns the lolita into an angelical nymph, with diaphanous skin and big, sweet and hypnotic eyes, whose beauty lives on elegance and innocence.
Her maidens are immersed in an ethereal and surreal light and they seem to be made of the same substance dreams are made of. It’s easy to contemplate the fascinating world of Mijn Schatje and get lost in it. Spirituality, elegance and beauty melt together in a surreal way. Her nymphs are charming and their beauty becomes the link between the real world and a fantastic one in which a heavenly perfection rules. Following her mystic lolitas we can go back over the magic emotions of a lost season.
Dorothy Circus Gallery proudly presents to the Italian public sixteen brand new works by the gorgeous digital artist Mijn Schatje. Born in France to a Spanish father and Dutch mother, she lives in Paris where he graduated in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

She got to be an active participant in the music and fashion scene, and indeed brands like Reebok and Fornarina used her illustrations for their collections. She also works as artistic consultant at Playstation/Sony Entertainment. Her works have been published by Taschen, Die Gestalten, Dazed & Confused and Pig Magazine. Rizzoli published the ne Isabella Santacroce, “Lulù Delacroix”, with Mijn Schatje cover.