YES WE CAN: Dorothy Circus Rome | Group Show

13 May - 10 Jul 2009
Featuring: Ron English, Francesco Lo Castro, Kris Keirns, Kris Lewis & Camille Rose Garcia.
“Yes We Can” becomes a statement-exhibition that led Barack Obama to become President of the largest democracy in the world. The renowned sentence that accompanied his latest political campaign was chosen by Dorothy Circus Gallery for a new exclusive group show to conclude this season.

“Yes We Can”, which will be opened on the 13th of May, proposed around 20 artworks by five American protagonists of the Pop Surrealist movement that can be considered among the coolest nowadays; the works are also told through music and suggestions by Gianluca Marziani.
Among the featured artists, Ron English stands out as the Andy Warhol of our times. He is the author of the well-known portrait of President Obama, genially mixed with the features of Abraham Lincoln. But there will be also Camille Rose Garcia, Kris Lewis, Ken Keirns and Francesco Lo Castro with a beautiful portrait of the director Werner Fassbinder.

During the opening night of “Yes We Can”, starting at 9pm, there will be also a live event curated by Julie Kogler, “Art in Motion”. This consists of a live painting experience together with the American artist Tim Biskup – another great protagonist of Pop Surrealism – Flying Fortress (Germania), The London Police (UK) and Elio Varuna (Italia). Following this live painting, there will be a Dj set by Tim Biskup.

The opening night of “Yes We Can” will start at 5pm with a series of charity initiatives promoted by Dorothy Circus Gallery. Three associations will be there: “Il Colore del Grano”, “Millepiedini” and “Armonia”, which will present their charity activities and small projects sponsored by Dorothy Circus Gallery through the donation of artworks and artists' merchandising, which these associations will sell on the same day. Furthermore, part of the incomes of the artworks sale will be donated to sustain the earthquake victims in Abruzzo.