SAMSON BAKARE: Let this be a sign: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Show

9 Mar - 8 Apr 2023
The exhibition of Samson Bakare is a remarkable moment in the global art market, as it recognizes the potential of contemporary African art. Through his art, the artist invites viewers to explore the relationship between art, physical and temporal space, which he portrays in a psychedelic canvas. His artworks capture the gaze and thought of viewers, as they become authors of a new writing of the Black Cultural Figuration. Bakare makes use of a flamboyant, floral-inspired palette, as he investigates the psychological effects of color in reference to the traditional stereotypes associated with its use and enjoyment according to gender. Bakare’s style has been influenced by Pop Art, Impressionism, Dadaism, comics, and manga, producing a narrative pictorial result of great impact. The opening of this exhibition is a significant moment for the contemporary African art scene, as it challenges the status quo and provides an opportunity for the black population to reclaim its position in the future. Institutions and private collectors alike are becoming increasingly interested in contemporary African art, and the artist hopes his artwork will make African art as familiar to people as any other art form. We invite our public of collectors, friends, and art lovers to join us for this event and take the opportunity to personally meet the artist.
For all collectors interested in purchasing the works by Samson Bakare, we remind all that the presale will be unveiled online via email on March 7th at 16:00 GMT. To recieve the Artwork list, please join our waiting list: