JEFFREY CHONG WANG & GRACE EUNSHIN KIM: The Meeting: Dorothy Circus Rome | Double Solo Show

18 Feb - 11 Mar 2023

Dorothy Circus Gallery Rome is pleased to bring back on its stage two prominent artists, Jeffrey Chong Wang and Grace Eunshin Kim. The exhibition explores the osmotic exchange between the languages of the hyper-contemporary, reconnecting with the elements of a classical painting belonging to European culture. Both Jeffrey's cinematographic compositions and Grace's playfully dynamic scenarios engage us in reference to the European masters from Lucas Cranach The Elder, René Magritte, to Bathus through a new body of works suspended between past and future in which the only contemporary element is the human feeling making us equal and close. Involving the public's emotions, the artists leave the role of final perception to the attentive gaze of their much-loved muse: Humanity.