BECAUSE: Dorothy Circus Rome | Group Show

18 Mar - 15 Apr 2023
With the exhibition BECAUSE, in Italian "Perché Sì", DCG Rome is taking a different turn from its curatorial line with this group exhibition with the aim of making a loud shout in the form of art to respond to the absurdity in the world they live in.
Dorothy Circus Gallery has chosen for this exhibition artists with the most innovative and independent figurative language, whose artistic research fills the absence of a specific iconography of hyper-modern rebellion and its free representation in art, with a cutting-edge body of work composing the scenario of a collation of young, talented visual art messengers standing up for change.
The artists have been chosen for their innovative and daring artistic research, which reflects the gallery's commitment to supporting the new "voices" in the contemporary art scene and to raising awareness on social themes.
The provocative works by Jemima Sara, Maria Vez, Leonardo Niola, Torto Lawrence, Olasunkanmi, Damien Cifelli, Massimo Scognamiglio, Qhua Ma Nande, Indra Dan, Erkut Terliksiz, and Giulio Secondo are linked by the concept of  "because" much like its use in the gallery's native language, "Perché sì",  coming as a statement and takes on a powerful and meaningful significance in this exhibition, allowing it to be redefined as a meaningful answer to identity-related questioning.
This exhibition's core curatorial mission is focused on the intent to build on a common goal to be expressed in the form of visuals and colours, through various media, always mirroring the theme of freedom, chosen for the 2023 exhibition program. Each artist has been invited to interpret it in a broader sense according to their individual core mission and personal feeling, including contemporary freedom of expression as a response to social oppression and bigotry, social equality, and love between two individuals, a love that transcends time and space.
Through their unique language, the works exhibited at DCG Rome evoke the same feelings of catharsis, joy, liberation, and transformation that we experience when we are able to think and act freely, without prejudice. The exhibition includes paintings and multimedia works that try to explain how symbols, images, and colours can be used to convey a universal message of freedom, love, and self-acceptance.
The show is on from March 18th to April 15th and is part of DCG Romes commitment to supporting emerging artists and celebrating the power of art to make a positive change in the world
The participation of the Artists Torto Lawrence and Olasunkanmi is part of the collaboration between DCG and City of Talents, contemporary and urban agency run by the curator and art advisor Jean Claude Geraud. Jean Claude is also active in  charitable projects such as Learn and Skate, a non-profit project he founded in 2014. The project helps kids from developing countries access sports facilities and culture by providing skateparks and cultural centers.