AFARIN SAJEDI: Ecce Mulier: Dorothy Circus London | Solo Show

8 Mar - 6 Apr 2019

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present the first UK solo exhibition the renowned Teheran-based, Iranian artist, Afarin SajediThe solo show inaugurates at DCG London the gallery’s 2019 exhibition programme: Turning Page. Sajedi’s exhibition, titled ECCE MULIER, takes inspiration from the psychoanalytic analysis of the feminine depths observed first by Goethe and then by Jung, and acknowledged as the source of the creative power of the unconscious.


Sajedi is an artist who received classical pictorial training and whose expressive path is intertwined with magical symbolism and with the most contemporary influences of American Pop Surrealism and Asian Neo-pop. Sajedi powerfully and courageously synthesises the thoughts of postmodern women with female emotional patterns that relate to multiple experiences and existential conditions. The result is a rich psychological portrait that explores the inner spiritual nature and coexistence of love and strength in the maternal myth.


In a bold duel of light and shadows, Sajedi explores the dreams, solitudes, battles and goals of the universal woman. The large canvases of the artist convey a message rich in alchemical, religious and literary symbols. She inventively overcomes any temporal or cultural barriers while shedding more light and offering further understanding of the contemporary Woman.


The intense and ironic large paintings re-evoke female archetypes from Goethe’s Kingdom of the Mothers to the elaborate Shakespearean characters, the surreal adventures of Miguel de Cervantes and Italo Calvino, to the films of Lars von Trier, until reaching – with the artwork You Look Ready – the most extreme form of contemporary mythologies thanks to the sublime re-interpretation of The Bride, from Tarantino’s critically acclaimed film Kill Bill.