MILLO: Do not open before 2023: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

30 Jun - 25 Jul 2023

On Dorothy Circus Rome’s red walls, the monochromatic urban landscapes populated by Millo's curious characters pop up again. In a journey to discover the intriguing labyrinths of the psyche, a path that is both introspective and social,


Millo's canvases express the fragility of human existence by winking at the importance of individual and collective growth in relation to the time and place we live in. The Artist suspended universes are characterized by black and white landscapes saturated with details and hidden life. The spectator feels completely absorbed by the extension of fictional cities and gets lost in their streets leading to a nowhere based metaverse like reality representative of ancestral memories. Painted with an elaborate illustrative technique, Millo’s artworks are like open doors to the human mind.