GRABELSKY & BEN ASTHON: Dorothy Circus Rome | Duo Solo Exhibition

19 Apr - 11 May 2024
DCG Rome welcomes you to a mesmerizing voyage into the realms of portraiture, where two exceptionally talented artists, english Ben Ashton and american Matthew Grabelsky, beckon us into their distinct and enchanting worlds. In this captivating two-artist show, prepare to be transported to an alternative reality where the essence of portraiture takes on a wholly original and surreal dimension. Both those maestro in their own right, invite us to explore the boundaries of artistic expression, through a series of thought provoking paintings that resonate with an imaginative vibrancy able to challenge convention, inviting the viewers to delve into their unique visual narratives. While rooted in the tradition of portraiture, their approaches diverge into wonderfully unexpected territories, each weaving a tapestry of dreams, emotions, and the surreal.