MISTER SASQUATCH & FARLEY DEL ROSARIO: Dorothy Circus Gallery | Double Solo Exhibition

8 - 30 Nov 2024
DCG Rome is delighted to present a mesmerizing dual exhibition that features the imaginative works of Filipino artists Mark Jeffrey Santos and Farley del Rosario. This showcase delves into the enchanting interplay between fantasy, reality, and the surreal, highlighting the unique talents of each artist. Known in the street art scene as “Mister Sasquatch,” Mark Jeffrey Santos is celebrated for his signature cinematic scenes that echo the animated fantasies of Miyazaki, yet are imbued with a distinctive Aesian twist in narrative and color. Santos skillfully creates dreamlike environments populated by wide-eyed characters on fantastical adventures, rendering a vivid, almost tangible world. Accompanying Santos, Farley del Rosario presents his distinctive figures set in whimsical, sometimes unnerving scenes that playfully reference classical art and iconic movie imagery. His work, deeply rooted in personal experiences, dreams, and childhood memories, melds a rare sense of humor with profound narrative depth. Del Rosario’s playful yet thoughtful approach challenges viewers to reconsider the familiar through his exaggerated, childlike artistic lens. Together, Santos and del Rosario engage in a visual dialogue that explores realms of whimsy and wonder, provoking thought and delight in equal measure.