CAMILLE ROSE GARCIA: The Ballrooms of Mars: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

24 Feb - 7 Apr 2018
Dorothy Circus Gallery inaugurates 2018 with the brand new solo show by Camille Rose Garcia, entitled The Ballrooms of Mars. This exhibition introduces a new cycle dedicated to the six prime movers of Pop Surrealism, presented in London last October 2017, who will now display a series of original solo shows in our Roman premises.
Based in Los Angeles, California, Garcia stands out as one of the most renowned and beloved pop surrealist artists worldwide. She produces paintings, prints and sculptures in a gothic, “horror” cartoonish style, which release a sense of adorability and inherent creepiness. For her debut with Dorothy Circus Gallery, Garcia proposes a series of 16 unique works that refer to her influences and primordial inspirations (mysteries of Nature, music, art), but most importantly is inspired by her new researches.
With this exhibition, indeed, Garcia marks the beginning of a new path of artistic investigations, entering a new phase of her career. By mixing colours with lines and stark contrasts, the artist invites the public to enter a new territory and to walk the path that leads through imagination, beauty, the critique of the every day and the vibration of music that accompanies us every day through emotions and feelings.
The Ballrooms of Mars explores the outer space dimension, the mysterious features of Space and the universal language of nature made of “patterns in the vibrations of sound.” We are led in a journey through distant and magical dimension, in which we encounter mysterious creatures and Ziggy Stardust-like characters – born from Camille Rose Garcia’s imagination but also undoubtedly influenced by popular heroes like David Bowie. Music echoes in all Garcia’s artworks, in which the figures hold and virtually play LPs and record players, remarking a suggestive musical iconography that inhabits the paintings. The title of the show itself, The Ballrooms of Mars, comes from a T.Rex song from his 1972 album “The Slider.”
The cosmic energy that flows within music and within human souls creates an emotional bond that can be evinced by the electric and glittery palette used and the captivating atmosphere of the environments depicted. Space is represented not as a dark place, but as an extremely colourful dimension.
In this continuous movement of energies, our inner beings awake to participate in a universal dance of sensuous and emotional impulses. L.A.’s musical counterculture, too, becomes evident through the rock and roll sounds of these images – sounds that are also constantly present through the artist’s creative process.
In Garcia’s ballroom we dance to futuristic tunes, we jump from planet to planet, exploring like the Little Prince the secrets and wonders of each place of the journey. In each artwork the spectator can interact with a planet – all of them personified as Gods, “coming together every 25.000 years (The Procession of the Equinoxes) to dance an elaborate dance and play music together, bringing their own sounds from distant planets.”
These gods look evanescent and bodily at the same time; they, like ancient Greek divinities, represent a point of convergence between humans and extraterrestrial. They listen to music, interact with one another and travel like people on the Earth, nonetheless, they emanate an aura of magic that echoes in the concert of sounds springing from their planets. While stardust flows in the atmosphere, Garcia’s works enchant the viewers and challenge their imagination to find, eventually, those hidden worlds that dwell within their subconscious.