TADA KOIICHIRO, SILVIA IDILI: Dorothy Circus Rome & London | Duo Solo Show

23 Jun - 16 Jul 2022

Opening this new exhibition path will be the soft oil on canvas technique by Tada Koiichiro, whose monochromatic portraits in the foreground look straight ahead. The exciting detail of Koiichiro's delicate figures resides in the eyes of his characters, which, similar to water reflections, appear as open windows on the inner worlds revealing secrets and fears.

It is then the paintings of Silvia Idili and the geometries that dress and mask the faces in search of harmony of shapes and compositions that symbolize our past and the memories we keep of it in our visionary mind. In a mix of suggestions and spiritual, emotional and psychological tension, Idili's portraits write the diary of the contemporary man who gets lost in the complexity of reality and finds himself in the transcendent.