MAKI HINO: From the Closed World: Dorothy Circus Rome | Focus Show

8 Oct - 15 Nov 2022

Simultaneously as Jana Brike’s solo exhibition, Dorothy Circus will present the fairytale-like and mesmerizing work of Maki Hino. Japanese artist Maki Hino started making ball-jointed dolls under Simon Yutsuya at ‘Ecole de Simon’ in 1993, and in 1997 she improved her technique under Ryo Yoshida at ‘Pygmalion’ Doll School. Hino creates enchanting three-dimensional illustrations, using acrylic, shells and shell powder, on paper to create romantic and unique Oshie dolls. Her works recall the famous illustrations by Benjamin Lacombe and Nicoletta Ceccoli, similarly sublime, original and full of beautiful shades. Hino’s art is visionary and imbued with surreal details.