NATALIE SHAU: Hide And Seek: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

26 Oct - 30 Nov 2013
Dorothy Circus Gallery is ready to inaugurate its new art season with the second italian solo exhibition by Natalie Shau. The Artist, presented by Dorothy Circus in 2009 with the exhibition “Venenum et Medicamentum”, is today one of the most important leaders of digital art and returns to the Italian stage with the exhibition “Hide and Seek”. With the brand new 16 artworks from the series “Hide and Seek”, the artist gets out of the shadows theme in order to dive into a morning dream. Shau opens the doors of her Private Garden, where her haunting characters play hide and seek along the path of a metaphorical labyrinth.
Lavinia, Lilith, Lucy, Alice come out of every corner and wink to the visitor disseminating flowers, pearls and tentacles, leading us in a symbolic journey that aims to reveal the warm rooms of the female mind.
The Lady of the House is once again the Woman, whose story the artist tells as in an autobiographical portrait, in the complete dichotomy of her nature, at the same time fragile as a butterfly and powerful as a queen of the occult.
Shau’s refined digital brushes are drenched with that other world’s breath that we belong to.
They investigate on what is “beyond” every soul, revealing card by card, leaving traces in a maze of mirrors and glossy illusions, where the salvation of a puppy is hiding under a mask of vanity, a goldfish swims upside down without gravity thoughts of a teenager, and the woman rises as “Flower of Blood” at the dawn of new fires, when once again She is the innocent victim of the darkest of poisons.