KAZUHIRO HORI: Cannot be a Magical Girl: Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

19 Nov - 17 Dec 2022

The female avatar is the protagonist of Japanese painter Kazuhiro Hori's canvases. Like other great artists exhibiting at DCG, not least Ray Caesar, the artist chooses to depict himself and his experiences through the young girl.

The profound meaning of this artistic choice lies once again in the essence of the feminine. This choice intends to rewrite the iconography of the feminine so that it escapes the reductive symbolic key of the muse and simple source of sentimental inspiration. But instead, it is a re-write reality and artistic sensibility that investigates the unconscious, linked to the true nature of the feminine as a profoundbrave and authentic search for the inner self.

In Hori's 6 acrylic paintings, the element of sweetness recurs, materialised in the numerous shapes of candies and sugars that the artist recalls symbolising childhood. A childhood that changes flavour as it grows up, to the point that it now transmits its stickiness and bitterness.