GOD IS HER DEEJAY: Dorothy Circus Rome | Group Show

20 Apr - 13 Jun 2013
The Exhibition “God is her Deejay” has, once again, the will to bring the public attention into the female language able to translate, sometime seducing, other times shocking, the message of the heart. The artists featured: Sas & Colin Christian, Afarin Sajedi and Francesca Romana Di Nunzio, come from extremely different countries and culture backgrounds, USA, Iran, and Italy, but the female icon is always central in their artworks. All of their characters look like extraterrestrials: in Afarin Sajedi’s art women are similar to angels, always able of infinite patience, deep sacrifice and forgiveness. Francesca Romana Di Nunzio’s sculptures, like Egyptians divinities, underline the link with mother nature and its creatures, inviting us to consider animals as our own relatives.
Colin and Sas Christian’s characters express through the most electronic and modern vision the power of beauty, which is most of all able to seduce;their glowing girls always seems to be on earth to feed our souls with images of love and respect. A modern God is in the air, playing with our lives, choosing his messengers, and Art keeps on moving us, and teaching us how to find the Greatness inside us, with the hyperrealistic crying eyes painted on Sas Christian’s canvases, while Colin Christian’s 3D giant fiberglass dolls come out from the wall looking at us like Sphinx in a Barbie make-up. Even in the deep blue echo of solitude and death, we can feel earth’s symphony of hope and rebirth whispered by Francesca Romana Di Nunzio’s heartbeating humanoid fishes and screamed by Afarin Sajedi’s shouted mouths.