PAOLO GUIDO: 13 Fortune : Dorothy Circus Rome | Solo Show

23 Feb - 2 Apr 2013
Paolo Guido was born in Lecce in 1971. He studied and worked as a publishing graphic designer before deciding to dedicate his life to art.
His digital artworks have been exposed in the show “Would you be my miracle” nearby the masters of digital art Ray Caesar and Natalie Shau, and his artwork Titor has been chosen as cover artwork of the album “Tradizione Elettrica” by Giorgio Baldi and Luca Fagella. Paolo Guido’s paintings, noticed by many important international galleries, have been exhibited in the museum “Casa del Conte Verde di Rivoli” Torino, in 2012, during the second edition of the “Pop Surrealism” show curated by Dorothy Circus Gallery, which represents him.
The Art of Paolo Guido leads us to the discovery of a pure Italian painting, both for its content and its technique, which the artist developed from the classical painting tradition, from etchings, engravings and sanguine drawings and metal point copper and silver, typical of 1500 and 1600. His artworks, through a soft and pale character inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s memory, narrate about the seasons and fragments of contemporary life, using a researched wisdom and religiousness inspired by antique legends and mysterious tales about folk stories and rural life, illuminated by the shadows of the sun and the lights of the night.
Paolo Guido’s characters look like elves that seem to come out from magic tarot cards, in order to remind us of the preciousness of Time, our Time, which has to be lived sip by sip, respecting the earth and its fruits, avoiding wasting it.
They hold our hands and they make us spy on our intimacy as through the key hole of a magic door, in which finally we see ourselves from the outside, losing our time in a frenetic and technological world that separates us from Mother Nature and human values.
The Girls with golden hair, appearing as fairies or virgins and wrapped in silver vineyard cultivated with care, illuminate an interior landscape populated by alchemical symbols and ancient perfumes…
As the great American artist Mark Ryden, leader and icon of the Pop Surrealism movement, takes his inspiration from Leonardo, Giorgione, and Tiziano, also Paolo Guido proposes a new view of the “Renaissance’s view”.
With his 13 Fortune series, consisting of six brand new oil on board artworks and some drawings, the artist recalls the story of an Italian mystic landscape which today it’s still everywhere, although it’s gnawed, unchanged in its perfection, still possible in any instant of our past sunsets or upcoming dawns, strong like the caress of a father to a child when coming back from a day of work and smiling; like the look of a dog waiting near the fireplace.