FATIMA RONQUILLO: Amore: An Ode to Love: Dorothy Circus London | Focus Show

12 Ottobre - 4 Novembre 2023
Step into a realm of enchantment as DCG London proudly presents the captivating art of Fatima Ronquillo once again. Following the immediate sold-out success of her previous works showcased in the highly acclaimed group exhibition MILK, Ronquillo makes a triumphant return with a focus show that promises to transport you to idyllic landscapes and introduce you to mysterious personages.
Prepare to be captivated by a brand new series of five meticulously detailed oil paintings, each more elaborate and exquisite than the last. Ronquillo masterfully weaves narratives that seamlessly blend the intimate world of emotions with her distinctive homage to the styles and symbolism of the European masters. It is within these rich and evocative works that a magical tale of freedom and empowerment takes shape, brought to life by the surreal scenarios and the enigmatic gazes of the subjects portrayed.
Rooted deeply in the traditions of folk and colonial Latin American heritage, Ronquillo's artistic voice resonates with authenticity. Her inner world serves as a wellspring of contemporary emotions that effortlessly merge with the timeless echoes of art history. Nostalgia permeates the air as imagined characters from literature, theater, and opera step out from the realms of imagination, finding their vivid existence on Ronquillo's canvases.
As you step into this mesmerizing exhibition, prepare to be transported to a place where reality and dreams intertwine. Embrace the wonder and immerse yourself in the realms of Ronquillo's imagination, where brushstrokes become gateways to a world of beauty, emotion, and timeless storytelling.