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My name is Alexandra Mazzanti and I am the Curator and CEO of Dorothy Circus Gallery, located at 35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ. Dorothy Circus Gallery was founded in 2007 in historical Rome. In 2017 I opened a second gallery in London near the beautiful Bayswater, a few steps from Marble Arch and in colourful Connaught Street. We conceived the Six Senses Concept Store with the opening of the London Gallery. I'm a self-made entrepreneur, mother at twenty-one, now with 3 children, who started her career from scratch in a male-dominated industry such as Contemporary Art.

Since the early years, I have tried to present a provocative and revolutionary selection of avant-garde contemporary figurative artists. I curated a street art project for the first time in the City of Rome and have collaborated with museums and embassies from around the world on several occasions, during a time when the contemporary art scene was still oriented on white cube conceptual art. As a result, I established the name of Dorothy Circus Gallery internationally.