Love, Longing and Desire: Fatima Ronquillo Interview

The coveted artist Fatima Ronquillo on the influence of literature, meaning of symbols and her painting process
Lidia Militerno, Trebuchet, 9 Oct 2023
Frieze week in London is always a breath of fresh air that brings new and established artists to the British capital. In this rich international scene, visiting all the exhibitions offered during the week is often difficult. However, if the fusion of rich cultural traditions with the mastery of classical inspiration is what you are looking for, Fatima Ronquillo’s Amore: An Ode to Love at Dorothy Circus Gallery is for you.
In this eagerly awaited showcase resulting from a long collaboration that began in 2019 with the gallery owner Alexandra Mazzanti, Ronquillo presents a stunning collection of five brand-new works, each of which transports us to a realm of serenity and charm.