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The Neighbourhood project, initiated by the Australian design collective Rinzen, brings artists and designers from all around the world together for an elaborate modern-day version of the game exquisite corpse. Twenty featureless hand-made toys were initially created and then sent out for progressive rounds of re-working, resulting in a sequence of characters which morphed as the toys were embellished and reconstructed by the designers who at times made strong sweeping changes and at other times gently evolved the characters' designs and shapes. The participants were free to use a myriad of techniques stitching, painting, drawing, limb removal/addition, accessorizing, etc. to create their version of the toy. Upon completion, the toys were returned for photographic documentation and then passed on to the next participant for an ensuing round. The end result is a triumph through the international postal service with 80 characters emerging complete with their own names and personalities.

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