KARIN IWABUCHI Japan, b. 1985

Born in 1985 in Kanagawa, Japan, Karin Iwabuchi has earned earned a BFA in 2009 and later an MFA in 2011 at Tokyo Zokei University. After working as an assistant at a university printmaking laboratory, she became a lecturer at Joshibi University of Art and Design.


Iwabuchi is based in Yokohoma where she lives and works as a painter and illustrator.  Her monochromatic paintings are pervaded by the delicacy and harmony of nature in all its forms, where the protagonists are female figures placed on a dark background and surrounded by traditional Japanese botanical elements, symbolising the different stages of life, from infancy to youth and pregnancy. With a refined pictorial technique, Iwabuchi’s paintings symbolise women’s freedom of thought and give life to a renewed symbolism of the decoration of the female body.


Iwabuchi has exhibited solo at the Der-Horng Art Gallery in Taiwan in 2016, at the Gallery Tsubaki in Tokyo in 2018 and at the Suomei Gallery in Shanghai in 2019, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions around the world. She is exhibiting for the first time with Dorothy Circus Gallery.