Kathie Olivas is a multi-media narrative artist who resides in Algodones, NM with her husband and fellow artist, Brandt Peters. The Artist takes a at the same time a playful and psychological approach to her art, creating recognisable Sculptures and paintings of caricatured cute monsters, spinning from her imagination and conveying into a world that doesn't exist but in her own reality.

Through her works the Artist explores society’s insatiable desire to assign ‘cuteness’ and humanity discomfort with the unknown. In a constant reference to the dark blend of early American portraiture set in post apocalyptic times and the influences of the USA born pop surrealism, her paintings and sculptures are a satirical look at how fears affects the sense of reality. Olivas’ wide eyed children and anthropomorphic creatures are meant to evoke a nostalgic reaction that reflects isolation and uncertainty, yet they also act as empowered alter egos. In a portraiture composition the distinctive characters explore a surreal world of solitude in which they invite the viewer to a playdate that evolves as a deep exploration of the subconscious.