HANNA LEE JOSHI Korea / Canada

Hanna Lee Joshi is a Korean-Canadian artist based in Vancouver, whose art unveils a unique artistic vision. Seamlessly intertwining soft figurative forms with abstract and expansive compositions, delineated by a refined stroke and skillful use of gouache and colored pencils, Hanna Lee Joshi imparts her creations with a distinctive vitality.
At the core of her body of work lies the exploration of the image of the body, a theme she approaches with a delicate touch, imbuing her characters with a deep sense of intimacy and vulnerability. Through playful poses, delicate nuances, and luminous transparencies of her subjects, Joshi brings forth a display of introspective power.
The tradition of the nude figure is revived in a surprising reinterpretation by Hanna Lee, characterized by enlarged limbs immersed in bold and brilliant hues, as well as the more subdued tones of the skin. A distinctive feature of her painting lies in the use of vivid shades, which lend a captivating depth to the faceless figures and provide a poignant reflection on the intersection between personal experience and the collective odyssey of humanity. Joshi's nude forms communicate through the eloquent language of elongated fingers and hands, adorned with yogic mudras, gestures imbued with extremely potent symbolism.
With a deep aspiration to reclaim the essence of the goddess, Joshi delves into the exploration of embodying a transient spirit, presenting an ethereal portrait of femininity that transcends the earthly realm. Through her art, she navigates new dimensions, weaving a tapestry of the ephemeral and the eternal.