Masakatsu Sashie was born in 1974 in Kanazawa, Japan, where he is currently based. He received his MFA from the Kanazawa College of Art in 2000.


Sashie’s unique oil paintings, which rely on a strong realistic influence, represent urban, desolate and post-apocalyptic scenarios with floating microcosms assembled with industrial waste, lighting signs, foil, shutters. In Sashie’s fantastical suspended panoramas, the central sphere embodies the robotic nucleus of human existence. Intricate worlds are the protagonists of a surreal story which evokes an urban interpretation of Miyazaki’s floating microcosms, conveying disorientation and curiosity, while at the same time allowing freedom of interpretation. Since 1999, Sashie has exhibited around Asia and the United States and his works are featured in private and corporate collections worldwide.