HYURO Argentina / Spain, 1974-2020

Hyuro was a painter, drawer and street artist born in Buenos Aires in 1974 and now based in Valencia. She studied at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where she received her degree in Artistic Production in 2009.


The works created by the Argentinean artist Hyuro are remarkable for their delicate fusion of socio-political messages and a unique surrealist sensibility. In her dreamlike compositions, a cast of mysterious characters plays a performance that whispers a message, but that, at the same time, always leaves the viewer free to interpret.


In this sinister atmosphere, the characters, often women, struggle with dark forces, hurricanes of black birds and clouds, or simply struggle with themselves. In the middle of nowhere, these figure wander as pale phantoms, while playing with clothes, seating in a circle, or just kneeling under the weight of a heavy burden.They embody the artist’s deepest fears, troubles and hopes, which are those of the viewer too. Social and political messages emerge from the individuality and collectivity of Hyuro’s suspended characters, ready to fight their obstacles and to complete their mission.


Hyuro started her career by painting on canvas and she still produces paintings and drawings. During the last years, however, she focused on outdoor productions, which led her to become one of the most interesting and innovative street artists in Europe.


Hyuro’s imagery is strongly rooted in a personal reflection on women in our contemporary society. By scrutinising this issue, the Argentinean artist leads her work further, in order to uproot all the prejudices and stereotypes that are usually associated with the female figure in today’s deeply chauvinist society. This precise, poisonous, and subtle analysis, together with a painting technique in constant evolution, which has turned into an extreme synthesis of delicate grey-like colours, combine to underline the negative value of the themes discussed by the artist.


Hyuro died in November 2020 of leukemia, leaving her work all around the world, including Spain, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Morocco and Tunisia.