AI HAIBARA Japan, b. 1981

Born in Okayama in 1981, Ai Haibara is a Japanese sculptor who earned her Bachelors degree in 2004 and her Masters degree in 2006, both from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.


Haibara's art is particularly distinctive thanks to the fusion of traditional wood sculpting and acrylic paint.  Haibara skilfully carves figures of young women in various stages of their lives, made as realistic dolls. Her works often present natural elements, like animals or plants, that appear right next to the human characters as spiritual guides, creating a balance and a bond between these two worlds without one prevailing on the other. Indeed, Haibaras art positively conveys a strong message of respect towards nature and the animal world, aimed at raising awareness among the new and old generations. 


Haibaras works have been exhibited extensively in Japan and Asia since 2006 and in Europe at the Dorothy Circus Gallery since 2020.